Note on setting daily goals: Better to trade with the market rather than setting daily goals. I am finding that on sideways days and days that I really don't like the market activity, it's best to just stay put (there's nothing wrong with sitting out and waiting for better opportunities.....cash is always good and hasty goal induced decisions/losses are not!)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Trades for 1/31/2011 - 02/04/2011

Trades for 2/3/2011: $220 profits
Traded with the YAKGROUP.  Note: Yak calls out at least 4-5 trades a day but since I also work, I only choose to jump in maybe 1 or 2 and only trade 2 days a week right now. I am probably the least participating trader in the group which I hope to increase as I get use to scalp trading which requires speed and a lot of attention.

Sold short 200 shares of GMCR @ $38.00 covered @ $37.50 for $100 profit
Sold short 200 shares of GMCR @ 39.20 covered @ $38.60 for $120 profit

Bot 200 shares of V for $71.50 with a target of $73 open

Trades for 2/4/2011: $446 profits
Traded with YAK - note Yak doesn't normally trade on Fridays but with some persuasion, he reluctantly traded solo with me (not in trading room) and on the message board.

The below trade (TRGL) had me seriously frustrated.  I need to learn to be less emotional when trading quickly moving stocks.  This stock plunged down below $12 (my average was $12.74).  At one point, I felt a little panicked and unsure.  Yak had a target sell price of $14.20.  Stock started coming back up and my thoughts were to either break even or with some profits.  I probably would have gotten out even except it bounced back up pretty quickly and I sold at $13.15.  Needless to say, I should have listened to Yak.  The stock ended up going over $15!!!  Which means I would have made $1,500 in profits for the day!!!  Great learning trade and very appreciative of Mr. Yak for taking his Friday off to trade with me as I made some profits and knowledge which is gained each day trading with him and his group. NOTE: Must get out of penny stock mentality of trading.

Bot 600 shares of TRGL @ $12.74 sold @ $13.15 for $246 profit
Sold 200 shares of V (bot prev. day) @ $72.50 for $200 profit

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Trades for 1/24/2011 - 1/28/2011

Trades for 1/25/2011:  $564.00 profits
Traded with the YAKGROUP

Bot 1000 shares of TLAB @ 5.68 and sold @ $5.66 for a $20 loss. 
Bot 1000 shares of MNTA @ 13.49 and sold @ $13.83 for a $340 gain.
Sold 100 shares of V bought last week for a swing trade for a $244 gain.

Trades for 1/27/2011: -189.49
Bad prediction.  Would have never guessed Netflix would come out with good fins with such old movies.

Sold short 100 Shares of NFLX @ $209.32 and covered @ $211.21 for a $189.49 loss

Trades for 1/28/2011:  $116.45 profits
Betting against AMZN fins and lost.  However, made up in V short

Sold Short 75 Shares of AMZN @ 170.74 covered @ $171.35 for a $68.60 loss
Sold Short 100 shares of V @ $72.55 covered @ $70.70 for a $185.25 gain

Trades for 1/17/2011 - 1/21/2011

Did not day trade this week due to death in the family (one of the advantages of day trading is that you can set your own hours and trade around life).

However, I did take the opportunity on the recent fins selloffs to buy both C and V for longer term swing trades.  Sell targets:

V bot $69.50/60 target $72
C bot $4.85 target $5.25

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Trades for 1/10/2011 - 1/14/2011

Note: will be adding to this post during the week when time permits. Trading very lightly this week as we have been experiencing snow and ice storms so internet has been intermittently working (not to mention hard to concentrate with kids home from school).

Trades for 1/10/2011 - $20.00

Started the morning with a nice scalp but then gave it back with a loss....
Note: bad day due to trader error.  Yak group made 4 successful (very quick scalps) trades.  Never a good idea to trade when your off your game.

Trades for 1/11/2011 - $160 profits See video from OMGYak.com (trading room)

Trades for 1/12/2011 - 1 open trade
Purchased 1000 shares of LF @ 4.20 on the early morning sell off.  Trading with the YAKGROUP (http://www.omgyak.com/).  Stock traded downwards and sideways for the most part of the day.  Held over night for a swing trade.

Trade for 1/13/2011 - $170 profits

Was able to catch the high of the day this morning and sold my swing position in LF (lucky trade).